Emergency Preparedness for Parents or Family Members

Emergency Preparedness for Parents or Family Members

April 22, 2014

Preparedness Checklist

Emphasize the importance of having an Emergency Supply Kit—lead by example and make or purchase one for your home.
Make an Emergency Plan with your children/family members.
Establish multiple methods by which you can contact your children.
Teach your children what to do if there is an active shooter (PDF) on campus or a bomb threat or suspicious package (PDF).
Make sure that your children know how to shelter-in-place and lockdown.
Encourage your children to follow campus safety rules.


Your Role During an Emergency

Do not panic if you cannot reach your child. Following a large-scale emergency cell phones do not usually work.
Use resources made available by UCLA in order to obtain new, up-to-date, information. This will include the UCLA website.
Unless directed to do so, do not come to campus during an emergency as additional individuals and traffic on campus will inhibit response efforts.



BruinAlert on Twitter and Facebook
UCLA Office of Emergency Management on Facebook
UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) | (310) 825-0768